An update

I’m continuing to work on my second novel in hope of getting a completed draft ready by the end of the summer. 

It’s a dark story of a mother and child in witness protection and the struggle they face to overcome past events. There’s also a strong underlying elelment of romance which puntuates the more darker scenes of the book.

I’m quite excited about this piece of work because it’s the highest wordcount I’ve reached to date. I also think it’s something rather different to what I usually write so I’m very excited to see where it leads. Meanwhile I hope to get some shorter prose work done for upcoming competitions.

In regards to the website I’ve slowly been adding my work under headers within the My Writing section. I appreciate any comments on this work as I’m always looking to improve upon my writing style and technique, also to meet new writers. I also plan to add further sections to the website relating to other elements of writing, such as information on some of my favourite authors and where I find inspiration for my writing. The ideas for the finished website are there, I just need to make them a reality!

Until next time!

1st February 2011