Happy New Year!

So, another year gone by and we’re now in 2012! Where does the time go? I’m sure lots of you have made and perhaps already broken new years resoultions. I decided, after many years of promising myself I would again lose at least 6lbs; work harder than ever to get my book published and generally do better in life, that this year I won’t make any resolutions! I have simply decided that it’s enough to tell myself I will do the best I can and make the most of the opportunites that come my way. If things are meant to happen they will. And whatever happens I will have fun along the way! Life’s too short!

So, in the spirit of taking up opportunities, I have recently volunteered at my local Theatre to help out with their marketing. I’m very excited to have the chance to become more involved with the work that goes on at the theatre and with like minded people. I’m hoping there will be more opportunities along the way!                                                                    

I’m also continuing with my proof reading course via distant learning; a very challenging but enjoyable task! I’m hoping it will benefit me in terms of editing my own work and maybe for getting work within publishing. I’m also reading up on freelance writing for magazines and newspapers, as it’s something i’ve always been interested in.

And then of course there’s the big picture! The novel that is still saved in a file on my computer. I plan to finish editing it this year and send it out to publishers. The encouraging fact is that it was long listed by Cinnamon Press (an independent publisher based in North Wales) for a competition last year. Cinnamon Press also long listed my novella in 2009 and a short story in 2007. All of this is encouraging, so I keep any positive feedback to keep me motiavated when things get tough!

As for new projects – I have a few ideas, but nothing solid yet! I am trying to write more factual based articles and reviews, to broaden my writing range. The blog helps with this. So you hopefully will hear more from me this year! I enjoy working on the website and updating it regularly with my writing. Most recently I added a piece called Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, a travel piece of sorts about my visit to Dorset, to discover more about Thomas Hardy. This is my favourite article so far. I really enjoyed writing about my visit to Dorset; the home county of my favourite writer of all time! So I’m thinking of writing more articles based on this kind of theme. I always think that the best writing comes from something you’re inspired and passionate about. Or just true feeling really.

So, that’s all for now. Best wishes for the new year and hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

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