A brief update.

As we move towards the end of January, the month where everyone seems to go into hibernation, a few developments have occured! Firstly, all my free time has allowed me to start writing again. This week I’ve finished a film review for Les Miserables (see review section) and a new poem based on the experiences of a war veteran.

The e book is selling well and work on the next one is progressing. I plan to get out over the next week or so to get some photo’s for the book cover. I also have an authors page on facebook now, under AJ Griffiths. I plan to update fans on my progress with the e books and other projects, just as I do here really!

My manuscript is with Cinnamon Press now until March time when I will receive feedback and begin working on the editing with the help of the mentors!

Meanwhile I have been drinking copious amounts of tea and spending long days at my laptop. Just how it used to be really! I am planning to continue with something which I started writing a few years ago. A very dark piece, set in two parts and following a selection of character in the aftermath of some event. The details are still sketchy at the moment but I’m excited to start work on it again after such a long time! I’m hoping it might be the next novel for me.

Anyway, just a brief update this time. Hope to be back soon with more exciting news and some solid progress on the writing front. For now, check out my latest review or if you haven’t had a chance yet, download that e book today! If you have and you enjoyed it, please leave a positive review for me!!


New Year, New book!

Happy New Year!!

And with the new year comes exciting news! My e book is finally for sale on amazon! The Last Mile is a short story about love and loss. It is one of a series which I have called ‘Life’ simply because that’s what I like to write about. Peoples relationships and experiences are fascinating to me, so i enjoy writing about them and exploring these ideas. I hope to add the other stories in the series over the course of the next six months or so and then to make a anthology of them to go on sale in time for Christmas. If you fancy a look at my book or would like to support me, please use the link below, which will take you directly to amazon.



Meanwhile, I am working my way through a list of things to organise for the new year. By the end of the month, the manuscript of my first full-sized novel will be with Cinnamon Press, and I shall be patiently awaiting it’s return and the beginning of a year long process to get it ready for publication! Meanwile, I have just chosen a few shows to review for the Torch Theatre in Milford Haven… one which I am very excited about! The Johnny Cash Roadshow in February! I am a huge Johnny Cash fan, so hope to be pleasantly surprised. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it and I remember being blown away by the performances when I saw it last year!

I also intend to get back to writing again. Or at least writing more often. The proofreading took up a lot of my time last year and although I am happily looking for extra work in this area, I am glad of the spare time to do what I love to do. I have a few ideas rattling around and the rough draft of first few chapters of something a little bigger. So Happy New Year to all of you writer, readers, thinkers and dreamers!

Hopefully 2013 will be a good year.