New Publication

As many of you writer and readers will know, the winter months may be known for being quiet, cold outside and getting dark early, but the work doesn’t necessarily slow down! I’ve been working on my new e book ‘The Secret’ which is now out to buy on amazon at the following link. It’s a short story about family, living with a disability and the importance of truth. It’s probably one of my most controversial pieces, so I am keen to learn what the response will be!

Meanwhile, I await the return of my manuscript from Cinnamon Press and the written report detailing the work that I shall be doing over the course of the next 12 months. I’m excited to work with them on getting my book ready for publication. I feel very positive about this year!

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately. Perhaps due to me attendance at various poetry events around the county and beyond. My friend Sian Walker, also known as Raven Gothic, set up a poetry group in Narberth on the last Thursday of every month (7.30-8.30). And I occasionally attend the Poems and Pints night in the Queens pub in Carmarthen on the last monday of every month (7.30 til late). But keeping in these circles requires me to be productive and regularly come up with new work. They do actually help me to stay motivated though. I’ve actually realised that I enjoy writing poetry and when it works well I am not bad at it!

I did attend my first Poetry Slam on 18th February in The Strangle Parrot Pub in Carmarthen. Invited along by Sian and unsure what to expect, I stepped into the pub and took my seat. I left with an overwhelming sense of awe, inspiration and excitement. These readers were good. And this time it wasn’t just about the reading. It was so much about the performance. Two in particular stood out for me and they quickly made it to the final stages to become joint winners. With a rhtymic, rap style that cut through the air with power and meaning to leave the audience speechless. This was a new kind of performance poetry. And it seemed to dig into the very soul of humanity to produce something raw and lasting. These people had talent. And the performance seemed so natural and effortless. I could only wish to inspire others in the way they inspired me. I guess I learnt about the importance of keeping myself inspired. As a writer, I must keep that flame burning.  Maybe one day I shall return and take my own place at the mic, in hope of winning the cash prize, or perhaps just the hearts of a few aspiring poets.