What New Year blues??

Apparently studies have proven that the post Christmas slump usually follows a string of failed new years reolutions, return to work and an influx of coughs and colds. Monday 6th January was named blue monday while bad weather and rising bills threatened to make matters worse.

I will admit to peering out from my new year duvet with more than a little trepidation. Last year was far from smooth running and stress free. In 2013 I started on a mentoring progamme with Cinnamon Press, engaged on several freelance writing projects and assisted a good friend in getting her poetry group off the ground. All of these things helped to raise my confidence and skills as well as market my writing. But left me tired and vowing to take on a little less this year.

This year started out with a few resolutions. On 6th January I gave my first ever blood donation. Something which I had thought a lot about and decided to do for my niece, who has a rare condition which affects her spleen, forcing her to have blood transfusions at 4 weeks old.

Another, is to write something every day no matter how short, even if it’s non sensical rubbish that would be better placed in the bin. So far I have managed to do this, with 3 poems, 2 paragraphs of a new novel and a collection of quite useless notes.

My final resolution was to do more things that inspire and make me happy. In february I am going to see ‘Matilda’ in London’s West End.  My favourite book of all time, it’s been a dream for a few years. I hope to have time to write something about it. I also hope to travel to Roald Dahl’s house and the museum in Buckinghamshire and create a new article for the writer’s landscapes section of the website.

As for my novel, I have had positive feedback from the publishers and continue to work on final rewrites. Building on character and plot. In February I will be attending the residential course in North Wales for 3 days. I will be able to meet the cinnamon press team as well as other writers who have been chosen to work on the mentoring scheme. I hope news of publishing contracts will come soon after.

Meanwhile I avoid the New Year blues, and have finally stopped coughing. Happy New Year to all my followers. Let’s make it a good one.