These pages are a collection of experiences where I have had the opportunity to showcase my work or meet and work with other like minded writers. I have included this section for two reasons. Firstly, to remind myself of how far I have come from the early days when I used to scribble out my imaginations on the back of a school exercise book. To remember why  I write, the joy i get from it and the excitement and fulfilment I get from sharing my work with others.  And my other reason for including this section is to inspire others to do the same. To keep on trying no matter how many times you are rejected, to remember why you write, who you write for and to keep hold of those successes no matter how small they may be. Because you learn from them, you grow from them. You become a better person for them. So i hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences and be inspired to share with me your own.

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